To perk up the posterior or carve out a six-pack, EMSculpt delivers supra-maximal muscle contractions not achievable through exercise. On the abs, EMSculpt burns fat and builds muscle; on the backside, EMSculpt builds, tones, and lifts.

  •  CONCERN: Saggy buttocks, slack abs, postpartum diastasis recti
  •  SUITABLE FOR: All skin types
  •  TREATMENT PREP: Clean skin, wear older undergarments
  •  TREATMENT TIME: 30 minutes
  •  COURSE OF TREATMENT: 4 appointments, 2 times a week for 2 weeks
  •  RESULTS SHOW: Immediately, best in 3 months
  •  REPEAT: Every 3 months


The breakthrough technology of EMSculpt delivers results that plastic surgery cannot duplicate and working out cannot achieve
  • An area equals approximately 2 to 3 hand widths
  • One 30-minute treatment equals 20,000 muscle contractions
  • It’s the only FDA approved buttock-lifting technology
  • Burns fat and builds muscle in the abdominal area
  • Not suitable for patients with modafinil
  • Not suitable for women with metal IUDs

What to Know About This Body Contouring Treatment

With new technology being developed for more advanced body contouring treatments, it can be easy to doubt their effectiveness and even safety. Continue reading to learn more about how EMSculpt works, who the best candidates for this body contouring treatment are, and when you can expect to see results. If you’re already interested, you can schedule a consultation at N2U Aesthetics in Venture County.


The Main Benefits

While comparing EMSculpt to other body contouring treatments, keep these key benefits in mind:

  • It burns excess abdominal and buttock fat.
  • It builds muscles in the abdomen and glutes.
  • It tones abdominal and glute muscles.
  • It’s the world’s first safe, and non-invasive butt lift.
  • In general, the procedure offers safe and non-invasive body contouring.

Ideal Candidates for EMSculpt

While there are some safety restrictions associated with an EMSculpt treatment, most people are great candidates for the procedure. The paddles and electromagnetic waves are gentle on all skin types, so you should not experience any discoloration or irritation from the treatment.

EMSculpt works to tone parts of the body where both men and women want less fat mass and more muscle definition. After all, a perky derriere and defined abs look great on everyone.


Duration of Results

EMSculpt is not a permanent replacement for working out, so regular exercise should be done in order to maintain results. That said, results from a series of EMSculpt sessions can last up to six months. The procedure is broken up into multiple sessions so your body has more time to react to the treatment. Similar to working out, repetition helps improve results.
While you will notice results immediately after your first session, you can expect to see the best results within two to four weeks and up to three months after your final session.
We recommend a total of four EMSculpt sessions initially, two per week, scheduled two or three days apart, to achieve the best results. After your final session and on top of regular exercise, followup sessions every other month can help you maintain the results.


Safety of Treatment

EMSculpt offers body contouring that is not only non-surgical but is completely non-invasive, painless, and FDA approved. The technology itself is cleared to burn fat and build muscle mass in the abdominals and buttocks. If you have additional questions concerning the safety of the EMSculpt treatment and its relation to any health conditions or medical devices you have, please feel free to contact our office.


Treatment Process & Sensations

Before we schedule your sessions for EMSculpt, you must have a consultation with our doctor to ensure that the procedure will be safe and effective for you. Once you have been cleared for the body contouring treatment, we will schedule four sessions across a two-week time period. Please make sure your skin is clean, and we recommend that you wear older undergarments during your sessions.

During the treatment, you can expect to feel like you’re getting an intense workout in centralized areas of your body — your abdominals and glutes. Like any good workout, your muscles will feel slightly uncomfortable and fatigued, but the sensation is tolerable for most patients.

How the Body Responds

EMSculpt delivers electromagnetic waves to isolated areas of your body, causing 20,000 muscle contractions in just 30 minutes. Since this is exponentially greater than the number of contractions your muscles will perform during a single workout, how does the body respond?
These rapid-fire contractions cause the muscle fibers in your abdominals and glutes to strengthen more quickly in response to the intense stimulation. At the same time, the contractions in your muscles cause them to release chemicals that tell surrounding fat cells to start breaking down.


EMSculpt Compared to a Traditional Workout

While the EMSculpt procedure effectively burns fat and builds muscle in your abdomen and glutes, it is not the perfect replacement for working out. During a traditional workout, you may be focusing on building a specific muscle group, but there are surrounding muscle groups that are working to support your movements. This helps build strength throughout your body.

EMSculpt, on the other hand, allows most of your body to relax while it targets one specific muscle group. While you may experience greater definition in your abdominals, EMSculpt has not done anything to strengthen other parts of your core, such as your back. Similarly, your glutes may become stronger and more rounded, but your quads and calf muscles did not receive this stimulation.

This is why we recommend you continue your workout routine and a healthy lifestyle in order to balance out and extend the benefits of your EMSculpt sessions.



Start Your Journey to a Perfectly Toned Body

Target stubborn fat or small muscle mass in your abdominals and glutes with one of the most effective and safest body contouring techniques available. Contact N2U Aesthetics in Ventura County today to schedule a consultation for EMSculpt.