Botulinum toxin, commonly known as Botox and Dysport are rival cosmetic procedures designed to treat facial wrinkles, specifically, the Crow’s Feet facial wrinkle. Dysport was later developed to rival Botulinum toxin in the cosmetic industry. Dysport and Botox are almost identical, except Dysport differs from Botox at a micro level, where Botox has an ona group attached to Botulinum Toxin A, while Dysport has abo attached to Botulinum Toxin A. The ana and abo attachments are apparently used to denote two different strains of the Clostridium Botulinum bacterium. Both Botulinum toxin and Dysport tend to interfere with the way acetylcholine functions within the body of an organism. Acetylcholine functions as a neurotransmitter for an organism and is important in muscle contractions. Thus, Botox and Dysport, having a toxic effect, can cause the relaxation of the neuromuscular functions of an organism. Thus, wrinkles will be reduced, as they are caused by facial muscles that produce wrinkles. We practice both Dysport and Botox here in Moorpark and surrounding Ventura counties, as we use the latest advancements to bring you top of the line treatments. To read more about Botox and Dysport visit this link.

Botox causes paralysis, therefore was found to be effective against an excessive muscle contraction process known as Dystonia. Botulinum toxin can treat this excessive muscle contraction because it tends to paralyze muscle in a localized fashion. Since it can be injected in a specific spot, it is particularly effective in treating wrinkled areas of the face. Certain groups of muscles are important in displaying the wrinkles developed by facial expressions of emotions and certain facial muscle are formed to keep the facial lines from leaving the face, since the muscle become hyperfunctional. Thus, Botox was found to be useful in removing the resultant hyperfunctional facial lines. Botox can be used to treat the facial lines, since it can be injected in an amount proportional to the size of the facial lines. Although Botulinum toxin is prominent in the cosmetic industry, it has applications in treating pain and muscle spasms.

Dysport gained traction because it appears to be even more effective at treating facial wrinkles than Botox. Dysport appears to be more effective, when the client is performing a facial expression, verses when the face is in a state of rest. It appears that the claim comes, because Dysport works quicker than Botox, due to it being a smaller protein than Botox. Dysport is also cheaper than Botox. Dysport was already common in the European market, when it become available in the United States. Dysport’s effects last a little bit longer than the effects of Botulinum toxin. Dysport can be used effectively on people who have become insistent to Botox. Dysport can spread over a wider localized area of the face than Botox. We proudly serve Botox in Ventura County.