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  • Don’t start your conversation with “miraDry stops underarm sweat and odor”, or “miraDry permanently eliminates underarm sweat and odor glands”. Patients will shut down when they hear this and say “I don’t have this”.
  • Do start your conversation by asking “Did you wake up this morning and apply antiperspirants”. Most patients will answer with a yes.  Your response should be “with miraDry, you wont need to wear antiperspirants.  In as little as one treatment, you can throw away your antiperspirant, results are immediate and results are permanent”.  “miraDry eliminates underarm sweat and odor glands with immediate and permanent results”.
  • Don’t promise your patients they will never wear antiperspirants and deodorants ever again.
  • Do tell them they will get an 82% reduction in their sweat in 1-2 treatments. To better help understand what that 82% reduction feels like, tell them OTC antiperspirants only give a 20% reduction, and clinical strength gives a 30% reduction.  miraDry is 82% and permanent.
  • Do tell your patients they will get a large reduction in their odor since we are eliminating their odor glands as well. Some patients can even go without wearing deodorants.
  • For female patients, do tell them they see get an added bonus of a 60-70% reduction in their underarm hair. For male patients, let them know there will be a side effect of thinning out their underarm hair, but they will still have hair.
  • Do finish your conversation by asking if they would like to book a consultation or would like more information.