Isolaz is a modern approach to curing acne. The treatment is conducted via an appointment with Isolaz. During the treatment, a vacuum device shines a broadband light onto the treatment area. This light targets a specific region of the body (usually somewhere on the face) and shines onto the pores of this area. What are the results? Light cleaned pores, free of acne causing bacteria and ugly acne blackheads. This treatment is a cream free approach that will hopefully show continued success in acne treatment field. Creams and ointments and other treatments tend to be a hassle to users, and other treatments might involve stings of pain to the client, but Isolaz is taking a new, low hassle, pain free approach! So lets get to the details.

So is the treatment safe? According to Isolaz, the treatment is safe, and it seems that this claim is accurate. Isolaz claims it is FDA approved and has immediate effects. Upon treatment completion, the patient is permitted to apply makeup or whatever facial creams they desire. This treatment is also pain free. Many patients describe a sensation of warmth from the light, but other than that, there are no physical sensations. It is, as with any treatment, recommended that a patient speak to their health care provider before signing up for the treatment. The treatment may not completely eliminate the need for prescription acne creams. Any clients with prescription creams may still be applicable for treatment, but they might still need to apply those creams after their treatment(s).

Is this a daily treatment? Well, depending on the severity of the acne, a patient may need multiple treatments, but Isolaz claims that its own clinical research suggests a client will usually see some results within the first 24 to 48 hours of treatment! Each treatment is about 15 to 20 minutes, and the client may resume normal activities after the treatment. Treatments may be scheduled monthly or weekley, again, depending on acne severity and around 5 treatments may be needed. In many cases these treatments are covered by insurance agencies. Talk to your insurance provider for more information about coverage for this pain free and hassle free process. More information about the treatment can be gained from Isolaz’s webpage.


Isolaz® Acne Therapy


Is Isolaz Right for You?

If you experience any of the following issues – Isolaz may be right for you!


  • You have not responded to other acne treatments, including oral and topical medications and possibly even Accutane®¹
  • You don’t want to take oral medication like antibiotics or Accutane (Isotretinoin)
  • You break out often and wish you had clearer skin
  • You’re tired of worrying about getting a breakout – even if it’s monthly
  • You have blackheads
  • Your skin seems oily
  • Your skin appears dull
  • You wish your complexion looked smoother and more luminescent
  • You have other concerns about your skin

The field of cosmetic enhancement is growing rapidly and has seen a boom in recent years. More and more people, self-conscious of scars, skin tags, and other unsightly blemishes are turning to laser surgery to achieve the look they desire. Some of the most popular imperfections that patients are opting to use laser treatments to remove are spots, freckles, and lesions. Birthmarks are also a popular laser removal subject because all of these contain pigment which is what the light from the laser is specialized to eradicate.
Technology is improving the methods of removal and making the experience a lot easier, less time-consuming, and virtually pain-free. Some of the more popular types of laser treatments for lesions are Vbeam and Pulsed-Dye, and what they do is destroy the blood vessels without harming the tissues surrounding the area. Intense Pulsed Light is used to remove freckles and liver spots. This same technology is proving useful for tattoo removal as well. And the majority of companies providing these services do so with no anesthesia since the pain is much less than when the tattoo itself was originally applied. Some have likened the discomfort to the level of an insect bite or less. And a typical session takes on average 20 minutes. When it comes to scar removal the process may take longer depending on the size of the scar. Usually for a large scar the process may take one to four hours at a cost of $300 to $600 dollars. Most of the companies involved in cosmetic laser treatment use the same technologies and are competitively priced, so then it just becomes a matter of solid references and choosing a company with a good reputation.

Ponce De Leon never found the Fountain of Youth but nowadays people are living much longer and want to do so with skin that reflects a more youthful aura. The skin is the largest organ in the body and the Number One most accurate indicator of age so keeping the skin healthy is becoming a top priority for many. It used to be if you were a redhead an abundance of freckles was just something that one had to accept. Not anymore. Now redheads are dying their hair black and removing freckles to achieve a more Continental European look. Senior citizens have the same issues of vanity that everyone else has and liver spots no longer have to be a thing of embarrassment. Spot removal is very popular among the elderly, as well as spider veins. The before and after pictures displayed in the offices of these clinics are not only dramatic, but also realistic representations of the results that can be achieved in anywhere from one to three sessions. Even though there are no panaceas when it comes to longevity, and conventional wisdom states that the balanced approach of proper diet, exercise, and rest is key to good health, sometimes nature gives ugly reminders that no matter how healthy one is, many will still have to endure the stigma associated with spots, freckles, and lesions, until now that is.