Restylane Injectable Gel

Considering Lip enhancement?

Your lips may benefit from more fullness, definition, or symmetry. Look in the mirror and ask yourself if see:

  • Lips that appear disproportionate 
  • A lip border that could use greater definition
  • Lips that are not as full or “pouty” as desired

Imagine the possibilities of lips that fulfill their true potential

Many people desire full, shapely, and beautifully defined lips. You may be wondering just how good your lips could look if you used Restylane for lip enhancement.

Restylane can improve the shape and proportion of your lips with an aesthetically pleasing, natural-looking result that can be customized to your specific needds. And your lips will retain their natural sensitivity and sensation.

At N2U Aesthetics, we offer two Restylane treatments: Lift and Silk.