Hair Removal

Many people these days are pressured to look their best at all times due to high societal standards for grooming and appearance. Thus, those who want unsightly hair removed often turn to hair removal products and procedures. One of the least painful and least invasive ways to remove hair at the doctor is through laser treatment. One very vital element of hair removal procedures is to remove the hair so that it won’t grow back, but also without damaging or scarring surrounding skin in the process. We use this procedure here in Ventura counties for facial hair removal. Removing the hair and leaving an ugly scar more or less defeats the purpose. Hair removal lasers are simple; they emit light which is absorbed through the patient’s skin. The light super-heats the hair follicle and kills off cells which are responsible for making the hair grow.

Alma provides more than one option for hair removal equipment and encourages doctors to do hair removal in their practice, as with the growing desire to have hair removed it can boost profits quite considerably. They make a small hand-held machine for practices intending to do small, simple removal operations. However, for those who want to dedicate a larger part of their practice to this procedure, Alma makes larger and more powerful machines. Not only does Alma provide safe, painless technology for hair removal, but they also provide technology for treatment of nail fungus and there is a large rate of satisfaction. To read more on the topic of Laser Hair Removal, you can click this link. Another large advantage to using Alma hair removal laser machines is that they’re portable from room to room. This means they are not heavy machines which must be rooted in one spot, so you have a larger range of what you can do with the space in your practice and greater office area.

An Alma laser hair removal machine cost can range depending on the desired model. Hand pieces and tips alone can range for a single unit and thus should only be considered by those serious about using them for frequent and beneficial treatment options in their practice. There are various online sites and distributors where these machines can be found both new and used with options for delivery and most machines come with hand pieces that can be used quite a while before the buyer needs to purchase any more.
We are your destination for luxury face hair removal Venture County.
Key advantages for physicians

  • IN-Motion™ technology – virtually pain-free hair removal without the use of anesthesia or numbing gels
  • Permanent hair reduction of all pigmented hair on all skin types, including tanned skin
  • Low cost of ownership with no disposables required

Key advantages for patients

  • Comfortable treatment with little to no irritation
  • Effective permanent reduction of hair
  • Little to no chance of side effects