Thermage treatment is a relatively new means of combating wrinkles in the skin, typically in the face. Since thermage involves no surgery, it is a less-invasive alternative to the traditional “face-lift.” The doctor uses radio waves to heat the collagen deep in the patient’s skin, causing both the contraction of existing collagen and the production of new collagen. Collagen fibers form something of a framework for the skin and other connective tissues, and it loosens and loses shape with age. As the collagen structure improves, invigorated by the thermage treatment, the skin conforms to it and therefore becomes more tight and smooth. n2uaesthetics provides you with the opportunity to try thermage in the moorpark area and surrounding Ventura counties, to see the difference for yourself.

Thermage treatment is safe, having earned FDA approval in 2002. The patient may expect some discomfort, however. During the procedure itself, which may last up to an hour, a heating or burning sensation is common. In the past this burning could be quite troublesome, even scalding the skin and leaving blisters. In the intervening decade, though, developers have honed the thermage process to a less painful one. Some clinics, for instance, include vibrations and periodic cooling in the treatment to make it more comfortable. Some patients, however, may still find it unpleasant. The most common side effects are a lingering redness of the affected area or mild swelling; these typically resolve themselves within a few days. Possible lasting effects involve harm to the skin if it is allowed to heat beyond a reasonable point, but this damage is avoidable if the patient communicates any increasing pain to the doctor performing the treatment.

The benefits of thermage treatment are not necessarily permanent. Often the effects last for two years or more, but further treatments may be necessary to maintain the skin the patient wants. Remember, the treatment reshapes the collagen, but does not stop the aging process altogether; the collagen will still continue to slowly lose its form. The desirability of thermage treatment may vary from individual case to case, so, as with any medical procedure, it is best to consult a physician beforehand to weigh one’s own potential risks and benefits. For anyone who might be considering a surgical face-lift, injections, or other anti-aging technique, it is worth exploring the possibility of thermage treatment. It has the potential to attain the same end by less intrusive means. We invite you to come to n2uaesthetics and learn more about Thermage in Ventura County.

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